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Master’s Degree thesis - guidelines

From 1st of March 2013, in order to apply for thesis defense, students will have to follow the procedure illustrated below.

Please read some guidelines on how to apply for a thesis and how to write a thesis: 

download the document:

  • Co-supervisor request and antiplagiarism that will be delivered on the same day, complete in all its parts, at the Double Degree office to Mr. Federico Franceschini (Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 12.00). Subsequently, will be notified to the student, exclusively via email, the name of the co-supervisor, with whom he will have to establish the appropriate contacts for the purpose of the final discussion. This name will also be communicated, always via e-mail, to the chosen supervisor.

The DD students must put, in the Co-supervisor form, the name and contacts of foreign supervisor. Double Degree office could get in touch with home university for a confirmation. Without this information the request will be rejected. These obligations are not expected for foreign students coming from partner Universities that do not provide for a double speaker.

All incoming and outgoing Double Degree students must undertake to deliver, to the DD office, the evaluation of the thesis made abroad, within a week before the graduation session. Without the host university evaluation they will not be admitted to the graduation session. This evaluation has to be sent at:



The software installed on the PC used for thesis presentations is as follows:

  • Acrobat Reader XI
  • Excel 2007
  • Power Point 2013
  • Word 2007

It is strongly recommended to contact the IT staff a few days before the thesis defence date in order for them to upload the presentation on the computer which will be used on the thesis defence day. Please write and send the presentation to the -email address below:


Credits: apnetwork.it