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 Applications rules

The Second Pavia Paper Development Workshop in International Business will be held in Pavia, Italy on Friday 19 September starting at 10.00 AM and ending at 5.00 PM.

Goal: The Paper Development Workshop will  provide young researchers in international business (IB) who seek to publish in leading international journals an opportunity to discuss their papers with a distinguished international faculty who will  give constructive feedback  so as to  enhance the likelihood of their publication.

Participants will obtain insights into the writing of publishable journal papers, selection of research methods, and framing of research ideas.


Audience: The workshop is open to all scholars who seek to publish in the field of international business, with preference given to young researchers.

The number of scholars that will be invited to present their papers and receive feedback is limited to eight (8), but attendance at the workshop is welcome and open to anyone interested in the field of IB as audience. There is no fee for the workshop, but participants are required to meet their own travel and accomodation costs. We kindly ask potential workshop participants to confirm their attendance by email no later than 3rd September  2014.


Selection criteria

The faculty will select 8 candidates with 2 reserves. Participants will be selected on the basis of  the following criteria:

1.       Relevance of the research issues addressed

2.       Theoretical/methodological novelty

3.       Clarity of presentation

4.       Potential contribution to  IB theory


Format: The workshop will be held on Friday 19th September starting at 10.00 AM and ending at 5.00 PM. Each scholar  will have 20 minutes to present their paper, followed by comments and feedback from the  primary discussant, and from other members of the faculty panel. Given time constraints,  there will be no open discussion with the audience. Four papers will be discussed  in the morning session, and four for the afternoon.


Faculty: The faculty for the PPDW includes the following IB scholars:


Jean-François HENNART (Chairperson)

Faculty of Economics, University of Pavia, Italy

Queen's University Management School, Belfast, UK

Singapore Management University, Singapore

Center for Research in Economics and Business, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

 Lars Håkanson – Dept. of International Economics and Management, Copenhagen Business School (DK)

 Antonio Majocchi, Dept. of Economics and Management, University of Pavia (Italy)

 Roger Strange – Dept. of Business and Management – University of Sussex (UK)

 Antonella Zucchella - Dept. of Economics and Management, University of Pavia (Italy)


Venue: The workshop will take place in the conference room “La Chiesetta” of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Pavia (Italy). Instructions about how to reach the University of  Pavia are available here.


Selection process: Applicants are asked to send by 6th June 2014to the following email address: ppdw@eco.unipv.it:


  • a three-page abstract of the paper (MSword or PDF format only, Times Roman 12 font, single line spacing, 3-page limit including any figures or tables but excluding bibliography)

  • a brief CV


Applicants should  divide their 3-page abstracts into the following sections in roughly the proportions shown:


(1) the central research question addressed (a brief statement of the topic, and of the issue or problem that motivates the paper) [10%];

(2) theory and literature review [20%];

(3) research design, data and methodology (to include hypotheses in the case of quantitative methods, and the methods of measurement and the generative questions that will guide grounded theory building in the case of those using qualitative methods) [30%];

(4) results [20%];

(5) contribution  to scholarship in IB  [10%]

(6) conclusions, and remaining concerns or problems to be overcome [10%].

Applicants will receive a notification of the selection decision by email no later than 1st July 2014.

Selected candidates: The eight selected scholars will be asked to confirm their participation after receiving notification of acceptance (no later than 15th July 2014) and to send the full paper and a slide presentation by 3rd September 2014. Candidates who fail to deliver the paper by the deadline will be replaced  by the reserves.

Guidelines to selected scholars for the preparation of their paper and presentation.

Paper should not exceed 30 pages ((including figures and bibliography). Please use Times Roman 11 font and 1 ½ line spacing.

Powerpoint presentations for the tutorial should consist of a maximum of 10 slides for a 20 minutes presentation.

We strongly advise scholars to divide their presentations into 6 mandatory sections as follows:

(1) the central research question addressed (brief statement of the issue that motivates the research) [1 slide];

(2) theory and literature review [2 slides];

(3) research design, qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods (rationale, data collection and analysis techniques) [3 slides];

(4) results and summary of the evidence of the study [2 slides];

(5) expected contribution and its significance to IB scholarship [1 slide];

(6) conclusions, and remaining concerns or problems to be overcome [1 slide].



There will be no extension to these deadlines


6th June 2014

Deadline for applications

1st July

Notification of faculty decisions

15th July

Deadline for the accepted scholars to confirm participation

3rd September

Deadline for workshop participants to confirm their attendance

3rd September

Deadline for receipt of  accepted  papers and slides

19th September

Paper development workshop

Practical information: For practical information about accomodation, travel and organisational matters please refer to the workshop website http://economia.unipv.it/paviapaperdev/