Guido Consonni

Full professor of Statistics


Tel.: +39 0382/506225 

Fax: +39 0382/304226


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Curriculum vitae

He graduated from L.Bocconi University, Milan, in 1978, wherein he was subsequently Assistant Professor and Associate Professor.
Since 1990 he is Professor of Statistics at the University of Pavia.
He has held visiting positions at University College London, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Washington, the Fields Institute (Toronto).
Member of the Faculty Board, PhD in Mathematics and Statistics, University of Pavia.
Adjunct Professor of Economic and Methodological Statistics, L. Bocconi University, Milan.
Elected member of the International Statistical Institute and member of several international societies for Statistics.
Local coordinator of several national research projects.
Coordinator of a University of Pavia project on Statistical Analysis for Complex Systems.
Chairman of local organising committee and member of the scientific committee, 2nd European Conference on Highly Structured Stochastic Systems, 1999.
Has served as referee for major statistical journals, including Annals of Statistics, Biometrika and Journal of the American Statistical Association.
Founder and chairman of Baystat, an association to promote the development of statistical methodology, especially Bayesian, in business and economic applications.



Research interests

Bayesian statistics, conjugate and reference priors, hierarchical models, graphical models, probabilistic expert systems, extreme value theory, spatial statistics.

Current research projects

Reference priors for multivariate exponential families, compatible priors for Bayesian model determination, Bayesian inference for point processes, extreme value theory in finance.



Some recent publications

(with P. Veronese) - Conditionally Reducible Natural Exponential Families and Enriched Conjugate Priors. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 2001.

(with V. Leucari) - Model Determination for Directed Acyclic Graphs. The Statistician, 2001.

(with D. Golinelli and D. Madigan) - Relaxing the Local Independence Assumption for Quantitative Learning in Acyclic Directed Graphical Models through Hierarchical Partition Models. In Artificial Intelligence and Statistics 99, 1999.