Concerning the double degree students coming to Vaasa, we recommend them to take courses from the course list of the MIB-programme. The programme structure can be seen here: click on the link

Double degree students can choose courses quite freely from these, with the following mandatory requirements:

  1. Research methodologies is obligatory,
  2. most of the course work should be taken in the autumn semester as the spring semester is more or less  reserved for the master’s thesis.

Vaasa recommends the students from Pavia to concentrate on the international business courses in order to prepare them for writing the thesis in IB. If a dd student wishes to add to their learning agreement some other courses than the ones in the  MIB-programme, these would be the additional (outside the 60 ECTS required for their 2nd master year here). When it comes to completing any additional courses it is important to check  that the workload doesn’t become too heavy.
About doing an internship, the possibilities to do it in Finland are quite scarce. It can be difficult to find a placement in Finland (because of the language barrier, many workplaces still require Finnish skills),  and at the university we have quite limited resources to assist the students in this. In any case, Vaasa does support internships for Pavia students and give all the (limited)  support for them.

The DD students from Pavia have to choose 36 ECTS in form of exam to do. The MIBE student who will choose to do an internship, they have choose 31 ECTS in form of exams to do and the Internship exam of 5 ECTS from Finnish study plan.

DD Interview
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