Université de Strasbourg – EM Strasbourg Business school

The first Double Degree agreement. EM Strasbourg Business School is the only French Business School to be part of a multidisciplinary academic centre of excellence: the University of Strasbourg. Member of HERMES from 1997 (Founder), benefiting from an EPAS accreditation for its Programme Grande Ecole.

Study plans MEFI

curriculum: Finance

Study plans MEGI/MIBE

Curriculum: International Management
Curriculum: Digital Management
Both curricula: IM/DM

ESC Clermont – Graduate School of Management

The Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Clermont has made a solid place for itself since its creation in 1919. Firmly open to the world around, the Group ESC Clermont has built strong relationships with regional and international economic stakeholders, partnerships with 100 establishments in more than 50 countries and has enriched its faculty by receiving professors and researchers who are strongly committed to the life of the school. New programmes has been recognized by the government since its inception, the visa ‘Programme Grande Ecole’ was renewed in 2009 for 6 years and the rank of Master in 2010 for a period of 5 years.

Université Jean Molin – Lyon 3

The IAE Lyon is a leading university business school, created in 1956, awarding state recognised degrees, combining the advantages of a management school with relevant research input. IAE Lyon is one of the largest business schools in France and the only one of its kind to offer a range of courses covering all fields of management from Bachelor’s, Masters, Executive MBA, to Ph.D. level in an international and professional environment.

Hohenheim Universität

Founded in 1818, after the devastating famine, the University of Hohenheim is not only engaged in foundational research but traditionally also in developing innovative solutions for urgent social matters.

Today, the University has a unique profile, a wide international network, and works with distinguished specialists from all fields. The history, the mission statement, and a defined strategy lead the way for the further development of the University.

MIBE Study plans

Curriculum: International Management
Curriculum: Digital Management

Tübingen Universität

The Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen is one of Europe’s oldest universities. Several hundred years of history in the sciences and humanities have been written here.   The University’s history began in 1477, when Count Eberhard “the Bearded” of Württemberg founded the University.

Bamberg Universität

The University of Bamberg is both old and young. Its current structure and facilities create the appearance of a newly founded institution, but it also remains committed to the traditions of its long history. As an internationally renowned research centre, the University of Bamberg is committed to the academic exchange of knowledge and ideas, and it promotes networking and partnerships with foreign universities and research institutions. For years, foreign exchange opportunities, special degree programmes and interuniversity partnerships have drawn foreign students to Bamberg and led Bamberg students abroad.

Université de Fribourg

The University of Fribourg is a place where learning, research, employment and events all happen at the same time. Its innovative force makes it an important mover in the commercial and cultural life of the region. The University of Fribourg encompasses five faculties where people study, teach and research. These are Arts and Humanities, Science, Economics and Social Sciences, Law and Theology. The approximately 10,000 students in the Bachelor, Masters and PhD programs receive first-class personal support from over 800 professors, lecturers and research assistants.

Universidad de Sevilla

University of Seville is a public institution with more than 500 years of experience in knowledge management. It is the main public University in Andalusia, with the highest number of students (more than 65,000).the US combines the values of tradition with being an innovative institution of quality and excellence. It is a university as cutting edge and cosmopolitan as the city of Seville itself. It is an institution committed to quality and excelence, with the European Certificate of Quality for the EFQM model of Excellence, and distinction as a Campus of International Excellence.

Universidad de Alcalá

The University of Alcalá offers degrees in five branches of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, Law and Social Sciences, Sciences, Health Sciences, and Engineering and Architecture. Has three campuses: Historical Campus houses the humanities, architecture, the social sciences and law; Guadalajara Campus 25 kilometres to the east, the Guadalajara Campus is well-connected with both Alcalá de Henares and Madrid. A variety of degrees in the Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Architecture are taught here.

University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa educates responsible leaders and experts for the needs of the future. The education and research that the University provides is wide ranging, spanning from business studies, administration, and technology, to languages and communication.
The faculty of Business Studies is one of the largest in its sector in Finland. Internationality is visible in the constantly increasing number of international students and staff. Our key areas of research have been internationally awarded.

University of Szeged

Since the 1994 launch of the higher education in Economics and Business Studies, we have improved greatly in our education and research capacities and outputs. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, formed as an independent Faculty in 1999, has by now become one of the solid bases of Hungarian higher education in Economics and Business Studies, enjoying persistent popularity among student applicants. The systemic quality development activities of the Faculty known for its innovative solutions was highly appreciated by the Hungarian Higher Education Accreditation Committee during the 2010/2011 accreditation process carried out at the University of Szeged, an institution rewarded by the Higher Education Quality Prize in 2009.

HEC – ULg – University of Liege

HEC Management School – University of Liege With its prime location in the hub of Europe, the HEC Management School – University of Liege (HEC-ULg) has a long intellectual tradition coupled with a corporate culture and links with the business community. HEC-ULg has 2,384 students and 15 research units and centres, which are active across Europe in the various fields of management.

HEC-ULg is EPAS-accredited for three of its programmes: its ‘Doctoral Program’,  its ‘Master in Management’, which offers eight specialisations and its Master in Business Engineering (4 specialisations). HEC-ULg is the first management school in Belgium to receive an EPAS quality label for a PhD programme.

TUD – Technische Universität Dresden – University of Dresda

The Faculty of Business and Economics counts around 2.500 students. The spectrum of degrees offered is especially broad, with two Bachelor programs (Business and Economics, Business and Economics Education), two Diploma programs (Industrial Engineering, Wirtschaftsinformatik) and five Master programs (Business Administration, Economics, Industrial Engineering, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Business and Economics Education).

Université d’Auvergne

The Université d’Auvergne hosts 17000 students in three major domains: medicine, tertiary (law, economics, management), and technical trainings.

The School of Economics provides courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students. The Bachelor’s degree covers a wide range of subjects in law, economics and management. The masters programs on offer, which concern about three hundred students, are strongly connected with the research carried out by the CERDI (Research laboratory: center for studies and research in international development). The Master’s program offers a range of specialized subjects open to either full time students or working professionals: health policies, sustainable development, public finance, project analysis, development economics, international economics and finance, regional economics, economic policies management, project management…

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Universidad de Cádiz

With the constitution of its first Senate, the 30th of October 1979 marks the birth of the University of Cádiz (UCA), reaching the climax of a long process of demanding a university institution that would recuperate, the fruitful tradition of superior studies initiated and developed with the support of maritime and commercial activities in modern and contemporary times for Cádiz and its province.

In the recent years the institution has work hard to face the rising demand for superior studies, currently, we have around 22.000 students. As a result of an ambitious multi-annual programme, the UCA has undertaken in a decided way the necessary infrastructures to convert itself into a university quality. Since 1990 the following infrastructural projects were executed: the new Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, the Superior Andalusian Complex of Marine Studies, the Faculty of Economic and Business Studies, the Faculty if the Sciences of Work and the Aulario La Bomba, all these forming part of the Campus of Cádiz

Erasmus agreements

University of Economics in Bratislava

Academic and research activities within the Faculty have been focusing on macroeconomic theories, corporate finance, microeconomic theories, banking, taxation, insurance, public finance, corporate and international finance, social and regional development and public administration. There is also focus on implementation of information technology into individual management and decision making processes with the goal of preparing conceptual experts for all levels of the national economy.
The Faculty occupies a permanently important position in Slovakia regarding the education of economists and national economists. It provides for high quality university education in accredited study programmes in high demand by a great variety of market segments it prepares high quality professional economists able to contribute to further formation of economic theories and to successfully deliver in a variety of economic areas, especially in finance, banking, economic policy and social sciences.

Video istituzionale dell'università di Bratislava

FURB – Universidade Regional de Blumenau

The FURB is made of people. Each – with its characteristic – he believed and made the dream a reality today enchants for greatness. A universe of knowledge that goes beyond the boundaries of classrooms and laboratories and interferes directly in many homes, businesses and cities.
It is the first college in the state of Santa Catarina and was established in 1964 as the result of a community movement to make wider access to higher education. Objective that the Regional University of Blumenau continues performing throughout its history and reached more than 40,000 graduates from FURB.

Santa Caterina college

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Hanoi University – FMT – Faculty of Management and Tourism

Room 201, Building C Hanoi University
Km 9 Nguyen Trai Road Thanh Xuan, Hanoi Vietnam
84 (4) 5 533 560
84 (4) 8 544 550