Double Degree Structure

Incoming-outgoing students
Incoming-outgoing students

Incoming / Outgoing student information

Students who participate in this program will obtain two certifications: an Italian degree and the equivalent foreign title. In these sections the students can find all the information to the arrival / departure


Study Plan

The studies are composed of two years. During the first year the students are in Pavia where they have to take 60 credits. The second year will be spent abroad according to the agreement.


Admission Criteria

The academic excellency, the motivation and the language skills of the candidates are the main criteria for admission. Regarding the language skills it’s necessary to have an International certification (IELS, TOEFL, etc.). There will be an interview with the Coordinators.



The students who are registered for the first year of graduate studies (Laurea Magistrale) can apply to the program. The application deadline could coincides with the LLP-Erasmus Program deadline. It is usually around February-March. The participants will be selected at the end of April.


DD Scholarship

Dear Students,  for the Double Degree program 2017/18 University of Pavia will grant the scholarship with the amount of € 2.500,00. The University administration has decided that the students who have won both the Erasmus and DD selections, for the same foreign university, or can accept the Erasmus status, with relative scholarship, if more advantageous, or can reject the Erasmus scholarship preferring the DD scholarship.
In this case the students have to follow the steps below:

  1. Rejecting form for the Erasmus grant (send to mobility office and Double Degree office)
  2. Insert bank account information:


If they want use an Italian bank account, students must enter (or edit) their bank coordinates in Esse3 (they no longer have to complete the form to send us).

To do it, you must:

  • Access your Reserved Area with its credentials
  • enter the section “register”
  • INSERT OR MODIFY the “REFUNDED DATA” (at the bottom of the page), returning the IBAN of the Italian account on which they wish to receive the transfer.


If they want use a foreign account, students do not have to enter the IBAN through the Reserved Area, but must fill in, sign and send the attached form, together with a copy of a bank document with full coordinates.

In order to be able to pay the scholarships on September 25th (as far as possible) Italian students must include the Italian IBAN in Esse3 or send the foreign account form to Lorena Bertocchi by 1 September