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Here we take care of everything concerning the internationalization, in particular we manage the Double Degree program, making it wider in the choice of partner locations and ever more reliable in following students

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Special attention we put in the preparation of curricula for both outgoing and incoming students

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Our indefatigable work is also to stipulate new agreements of double degree with prestigious European and non-European foreign partners

The Department has activated first 3 Undergraduate courses, 2 of which are in the class of Economics, Business and 1 in the class of Sciences of Economy. Despite the differences between the various curricular courses of study, the educational project of the dept. continues to be characterized, first, by the solid anchoring to a system of knowledge and skills that derive both from the disciplines of basic economic and business areas, both by the essential contributions of the interdisciplinary areas of legal and quantitative, historical and sociological, computer science and linguistics, the integration of these different disciplines gives students the opportunity to assess and develop their specific skills, and produces general skills that are socially recognized and well-established in every country in the world. Second, the training activity is designed comparing national and international experiences, in order to ensure adequate preparation for graduates need to compete in both modern and local labor markets with more extensive.
The dept. has promoted an intense program of internationalization, with the preparation of two master’s degree courses entirely taught in English:

  • International Business and Entrepreneurship (MIBE);
  • Economics, Finance and International integration (MEFI).

The MIBE is intended for students of business disciplines who aspire to be managers capable of performing managerial functions in organizations on, for their vocation supra, in highly innovative.

The MEFI aiming to pursue advanced studies in the field of applied economics and finance in an international perspective. MEFI trains students longing to start high level careers as professionals or managers in national and multinational firms and within the Public Administration. Students attending MEFI may choose between three different specializations:
– The Finance curriculum has been developed by a group of mathematicians, statisticians and econometricians who have long since concentrated their research work on financial markets. They also cooperate with colleagues involved in macroeconomics and corporate finance.
– The Industrial Organization and Markets Regulations curriculum is based as well on a group of professors and researchers long since involved in research work about theoretical and empirical industrial organization, regulatory economics and competition policy.
– The Economics Integration and Development is coherent with the University of Pavia being a leading academic institution for post-graduate education in the field of international cooperation and economic development.

The degree programs described above also provide the opportunity to achieve double degree diplomas in agreement with universities from other countries, attending a year of study at our Faculty and a second year at the Faculty foreign partner.



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