Vaasa Presentation

Cecilia Cerrato, Camilla Corredato
and Melanie Torsello

DD Ranking Published

Dear Students, the ranking of Double Degree selection has been published. In the sheet you can see the final grade acquired, the destinations chosen, and the destination assigned. In case a student hasn’t received any position, but is in ranking, Double Degree office call him by mail to propose alternative destinations among those remaining.

You have to accept until 6th May at 00:00, after this deadline the procedure will be closed

Double Degree office will redistribute the destinations that will not be distribuited or accepted, in compliance with ranking position.
Please go to this page to accept.

Regarding the scholarship number and amount, when these information will be available, the Double Degree office prompt inform the students.

If you have any doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact DDOffice

Freibourg University


Students seriously interested in competing for the Freiburg University are invited to apply immediately upon turning on the online application on March 7 as the partner university has set a  very close range dead-line.