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Students who meet the above criteria will have to produce appropriate international language certification, currently valid (acquired by no more than two years prior to the year of selection) certifying the level of knowledge of the language provided by the university target (minimum level B2). This certificate must be presented by the date of 30 June 2016, penalty of exclusion from Double Degree Programme (you can submit self-certification in which the student claims to have argued successfully the examination of international certification by June 30 and waiting to receive the official certificate).

Regarding the International Certification of Spanish, the students who will study in Sevilla and Alcalá must have the certification of Spanish at the first registration in Spain (during enrollmen process).

For the Double Degree scholarship, the policy is this:
Who won Erasmus and DD selections for the same foreign University, has to choose or the Erasmus grant or the DD grant, remaining in the Erasmus + DD status and taking the DD grant. About the rest of the students, there is only the DD status and grant“.
Documentation for choice can be download.
The grant’s amount is 2.500,00 € and soon we will proceed to send to the students the forms to obtain it.

When the ranking will be defined, DD Office will send your contacts to partner universities, and the host universities will give you all information you need, usually by email.

PLEASE, don’t send requests to partner universities before sending your contacts!

After the finalized applying procedure, sent by host universities, you can prepare the learning agreement taking in consideration the information regarding study plans that you can find in their websites.

All the exams of first year should be done before departure toward host universities.
Remember that you will be enrolled in both universities, Italian and foreign, so, if you want, you can register to italian exam session and take the exam in Italy, es. during Christmas holidays.

….. for two different locations, what can I do?

You have to choose one of two programs, or Erasmus with its grant, or Double Degree with its scholarship.

In both situations you will have the scholarship.

Update page: 30.08.2016