Double Degree Admission Criteria 16/17

Admission selection

To access in 2016/2017 Double Degree Programme selection, the student must be enrolled in a regular position to a Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) active at the Department of Economic and Management of the University of Pavia, at the date of publication of the notice.

Making of the preliminary ranking

The students will be included in the preliminary ranking with the following requirements:

  • have acquired at least 15 credits in the first year of the degree;
  • have at least 26/30 grade point average on all credits earned at the dead-line of the call;
  • have reached a minimum total score, acquired during the selection of at least 70/100;

The final score will be so formed:

first cycle mark graduation
weighted average of the marks obtained in the first year of master’s degree
score of the motivational interview (in the language required by the university corresponding to the first choice – the 1st priority)
score to the motivational letter (to be written in Italian (only MEGI – MELI) and English language (MEFI – MIBE), maximum two pages of sixty row each).

Making of the final ranking

Students who meet the above criteria will have to produce appropriate international language certification, currently valid (acquired by no more than two years prior to the year of selection) certifying the level of knowledge of the language provided by the university target (minimum level B2). This certificate must be presented by the date of 30 June 2016, penalty of exclusion from Double Degree Programme (you can submit self-certification in which the student claims to have argued successfully the examination of international certification by June 30 and waiting to receive the official certificate).


Double Degree committee