DD CALL 2019-2020

Double Degree Open call 2019-2020

The new call about Double Degree selection is published, click on the call button in the homepage to start applying procedure. Don’t forget to upload all documents requested!

Follow the application procedure. Please, read very carefully the notice, in which you can find all information about criteria, application procedure, deadlines, and much more….

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UCA – Clermont-Ferrand for MEFI

A new partnership, for which we are about to sign the double degree agreement; you can choose as a fourth option, knowing, however, that there is no certainty that the agreement will be finalized in time.

Double degree X-CHANGE 2018

Double Degree X-change 2018

New edition of Double Degree info meeting, with students coming from the partner universities, who will present their university and… a lot of information around DD Program.

EM Strasbourg Business School: the first Double Degree agreement with us. Founder of HERMES NETWORK from 1997

ESC Clermont – Graduate School of Management. The Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Clermont has made a solid place for itself since its creation in 1919

Université Jean Molin – Lyon 3. The IAE Lyon is a leading university business school, created in 1956

University of Hohenheim. Founded in 1818, after the devastating famine, is not only engaged in foundational research but traditionally also in developing innovative solutions for urgent social matters.

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen is one of Europe’s oldest universities, founded in 1477, by Count Eberhard “the Bearded” of Württemberg

University of Bamberg is both old and young. Its current structure and facilities create the appearance of a newly founded institution, but it also remains committed to the traditions of its long history.

Please, don't miss the meeting...

Dear students, who will participate in the Double Degree program, we want to meet you all, before you leave and while you are committed to complying with all the procedures that foreign universities, where you will go, have already sent you.

This meeting is intended to be an informative meeting, during which we will give you all the information we possess, but above all we will give you the lines of behavior that you will necessarily have to adopt at the institutions you will be part of for a whole year.
Finally we will listen to your doubts, your ideas and information regarding what you are doing to apply at the foreign universities.

Therefore, we ask you the courtesy of not missing this appointment.

Final ranking

Final DD ranking published

Finally, we have published the ranking of Double Degree 2018/2019. During next days, after Easter holidays, we will send the nominations to the partner Universities. The students will be contacted soon to begin the nomination procedures at foreign University.
Please, don’t contact the University, before you receive our email.
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Due to the access problems to the International activities website, caused by a flaw in the computer system, it is advised that the

deadline of the DD call is EXTENDED until 1 pm on 1 March 2018

Questions about application

he operations for the preparation of applications for students interested in participating in the selection for the Double Degree program a.a. 2018/2019, can continue until has expired the call’s deadline for applications .
For further information you can send email to double-degree.dem@unipv.it

DD NOTICE 2018-19


…And finally it’s been published the

new announcement

for Double Degree Selection 2018/2019. Please, read very carefully the notice, in which you can find all information about criteria, application procedure, deadlines, and much more.

Also, for this new edition we have another partnership:

Go to Partnership page  for more info



... as publishing

Is going to be published the new call 2018/2019 for the Double Degree programme, stay connected!!!


... as presentation

Published presentations of the students regarding all the university partnership in the Double Degree Programme…
Please, go and read at this link

Vaasa Presentation

Cecilia Cerrato, Camilla Corredato
and Melanie Torsello

Pubblicazione Graduatorie Doppia Laurea

 Bozza 2 logo DDGraduatoria temporanea Programma Doppia Laurea 2018-2019

Sono pubblicate le graduatorie per la partecipazione al programma di Doppia Laurea 2018-2019.

Si prega di prendere visione della Graduatoria e accettare la seda assegnata entro le ore 16 (prorogata) del 22 marzo 2018 cliccando qui.

Per informazioni più dettagliate e chiarimenti contattare l’ufficio Double Degree



Concerning the double degree students coming to Vaasa, we recommend them to take courses from the course list of the MIB-programme. The programme structure can be seen here: click on the link

Double degree students can choose courses quite freely from these, with the following mandatory requirements:

  1. Research methodologies is obligatory,
  2. most of the course work should be taken in the autumn semester as the spring semester is more or less  reserved for the master’s thesis.

Vaasa recommends the students from Pavia to concentrate on the international business courses in order to prepare them for writing the thesis in IB. If a dd student wishes to add to their learning agreement some other courses than the ones in the  MIB-programme, these would be the additional (outside the 60 ECTS required for their 2nd master year here). When it comes to completing any additional courses it is important to check  that the workload doesn’t become too heavy.
About doing an internship, the possibilities to do it in Finland are quite scarce. It can be difficult to find a placement in Finland (because of the language barrier, many workplaces still require Finnish skills),  and at the university we have quite limited resources to assist the students in this. In any case, Vaasa does support internships for Pavia students and give all the (limited)  support for them.

The DD students from Pavia have to choose 36 ECTS in form of exam to do. The MIBE student who will choose to do an internship, they have choose 31 ECTS in form of exams to do and the Internship exam of 5 ECTS from Finnish study plan.



The announcement of Double Degree selection
and Hanoi simple exchange programme is published