220. Webb to Harrod , 23 October 1931 [a]

The Labour Party, Transport House, Smith Square, London S.W.1. #

23 October 1931

Dear Professor Harrod,

We have received a communication from Professor G. D. H. Cole [b] this morning, informing us that you are willing to speak as a Liberal on behalf of Labour candidates in constituencies where there is a straight fight against the Tories.

Acting on this information, we at once communicated with our Coventry and Rugby [1] parties and arranged for you to speak for them on Saturday and Monday, respectively. A telegram to this effect was despatched to you this morning. We are very grateful indeed for your assistance.

The local agents have been asked to communicate direct with you at Oxford in order to give you full particulars of the arrangements.

I hope you will have successful and enjoyable meetings.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Maurice Webb.

Propaganda Officer

  1. 1. Andrew Fleming, of the Rugby Labour Party, having been informed by the headquarters, on the recommendation of Cole, that Harrod was willing to address meetings on behalf of the Labour free trade candidates where no Liberal candidate was contesting the seat, asked Harrod to address a meeting in Rugby on 26 October (letter to Harrod, 22 October 1931, in HPBL Add. 71190/181). Fleming thanked Harrod for accepting on 24 October (in HPBL Add. 71190/183).
    1. a. TLS, one page, in HPBL Add. 71190/182

      b. Ts: «H. D. H. Cole».

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