211R. Harrod to Michael Sadler, 1 June 1931 [a]

"On the whole I am satisfied with the Bodleian result. The Resolutions secure that an adaptable building be put up, with greater freedom of experiment than was ever contemplated by the majority". "Smith had a tremendous fight to get the resolution accepted and I was amazed at his success!" [1]

  1. 1. A. H. Smith of New College acted as a spokesman for the supporters of a new library, on the background of the positions described in note 1 to letter 203 R. After ten days of negotiation (Oxford Mail, 15 May), he managed to have accepted a compromise which allowed for experimentation along the lines proposed by Harrod in the new building in Broad Street, including the possibility of internally converting the building, open access to shelves, the provision of cubicles and research rooms for small groups of advanced students, and a separate repository for little-wanted material. There was agreement that the experiment should be tried fairly, under the supervision of a special committee. This compromise was accepted without opposition on 19 May 1931 by the Hebdomadal Council.

    Previous correspondence with Sadler on the subject is reproduced as letters 208 R and 209 R.

    1. a. From Christ Church, one page ALS, in MS. Top. Oxon. c.633, fol. 101.

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