209R. Harrod to Michael Sadler, 30 April 1931 [a]

Replies to 208 R. Harrod thinks that Sadler's change of mind is due to an incomplete understanding of the implications of the majority report, and is confident that this report is incompatible with the developments he regards as desirable; this was also admitted by Sir Frederic in the Spectator the week before. [1]

  1. 1. F. Kenyon, "The Bodleian Library", The Spectator, 25 April 1931, pp. 657-58: the two alternative "methods of library organization [...] cannot be wholly reconciled", "although some composition can be made between them". Kenyon was one of the members of the Bodleian Library Commission.

    Sadler replied on 1 May, explaining why he changed his mind. He also remarked that when he read Harrod's report he had been feeling with indignation at the treatment to which Harrod was subjected (in HP VI-21. Cc in MS. Top. Oxon. c.633, fols 80-83). The correspondence was resumed on 1 June (letter 211 ).

    1. a. From Christ Church, two pages ALS, in MS. Top. Oxon. c.633, fol. 75.

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