205R. H. A. L. Fisher to Harrod, 24 March 1931 [a]

Fisher disagrees with Harrod that having nothing is better than the majority report. He thinks that the majority report is better for researchers of mature age, while Harrod's report is better for seminar researchers. On the whole, he prefers the majority report. [1]

  1. 1. Refers to the debates on the reorganization of the Bodleaian Library, which divided Oxford on the lines of a majority report and Harrod's own "Separate Report" ( 1931:1 ), both printed in the Bodleian Library Commission's Report (1931): see note 1 to letter 203 R for further details.
    1. a. From the Warden's Lodging, New College, Oxford # , three pages ALS, in HP VI-18.

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