204R. J. C. Mastermann to Harrod, 17 March 1931 [a]

Follows on from 201 R. Having talked to some of those involved in the matter, who had refused to talk to Harrod about the Duke of Westminster Studentship and the Governing Body, Masterman does not understand how six members definitely agreed on the new proposal. [1]

  1. 1. Harrod's and Lindemann's position eventually prevailed, and the Duke of Westminster Student became a member of the Governing Body: see Harrod, The Prof. (1959), p. 156. The exchanges on this affair conclude with a letter from the Dean of Christ Church, who suggested that the new deed with the Duke of Westminster should be renewed for 12 years beginning from Christmas 1933, but subject to a proviso enabling both parties to terminate the agreement on the occurrence of a vacancy during the period (H. J. White, circular letter to the Governing Body, May 1931--day not specified--, in HPBL Add. 72768/26).
    1. a. From Christ Church, Oxford # , ALS, in HPBL Add. 72763/177.

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