196R. A. H. Smith to Harrod, 10 January 1931 [a]

Replies to a letter not found. Smith discusses Harrod's proposed alterations to the minority report on the Bodleian Library development: [1] he suggests that, when recasting the argument, it would be expedient to: bring out Harrod's main points--shelf access, carrels, research rooms, and so on--; point out that these are incompatible with a building of the size contemplated by the majority; and leave up to the University the decision whether to build a larger building in Broad Street or an altogether new library elsewhere. Smith also suggests to produce an alternative plan for Broad Street.

  1. 1. On Harrod's dissent from the majority of the members of the Bodleian Library Commission on the proposed reorganization of the library and in particular on the new building in Broad Street see in particular Harrod's correspondence with Miers, the Commission's chaiman, letters 180 R and following. This exchange of views with Smith possibly led to the alterations summarized in note 1 to letter 197 .
    1. a. From White Lodge, Headington, ALI, six pages, in HP VI-37.

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