188R. Harrod to Henry Miers, 1 December 1930 [a]

In reply to 187 R, Harrod explains the meaning of his last letter ( 185 R) announcing that he intends to write a minority report to be submitted to the Congregation. He was prepared to support the Broad Street scheme, provided that certain conditions (stated in the minutes of the meeting of 20 November [1] ) were met. The refusal of the commission to support his conciliatory attempt makes co-operation impossible. Therefore Harrod wants to consult an architect; asks for some documents, and would like to be allowed to attend further meetings during which new evidence is taken. Also discusses some problems yet untackled by the Commission concerning the Rodhes and the Taylor Libraries. The exchange continues at 189 R.

  1. 1. These minutes were not found among Harrod's papers.
    1. a. From Christ Church, Oxford # , 12 pages ALS, in HP VI-57/1, and four pages CcTL, in HP VI-57/2.

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