182R. Henry Miers to Harrod, 6 November 1930 [a]

Follows on from 180 R, continues at 184 R. Miers asks Harrod not to reveal the proceedings of the Bodleian Library Commission. [1]

  1. 1. The reason why Harrod wanted to give publicity to the divergence of opinion within the Commission is not clear. Harrod, however, must have insisted, as Miers wrote again on 10 November explaining that the proceedings were to be kept confidential in order to prevent misunderstandings (in HP VI-53). (Miers's inflexibility was formally correct, as on 14 March 1930 the Commission itself decided to keep its proceedings secret: a copy of the minutes of that meeting is in HP VI-9/2).
    1. a. From 18, Aberdare Gardens, West Hampstead, N.W.6 # , two pages ALS, in HP VI-52.

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