179R. Harrod to E. E. Day, 9 October 1930 [a]

Harrod asks if the Rockefeller Foundation could obtain for him facilities for exploring the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Council for the Social Sciences: this would be relevant to the Bodleian Library Commission's visit to the United States as, in Harrod's view, their "library problem is bound up with the question of providing more extended plant for social & economic work than at present exists." Harrod asks if there is some institution in New York he could show to his colleagues in the Bodleian Commission in order to "demonstrate the way in which a library staff can co-operate with field workers". [1]

  1. 1. This seems to be another symptom of dissent between Harrod and the other members of the Bodleian Library Commission, which was visiting some Canadian and American libraries to stimulate ideas as to the reorganization of the Bodleian (see note 4 to letter 172 R and note 1 to letter 174 R on the Commission's activity, and note 1 to letter 177 R on another sign of Harrod's distress). The cleavage became apparent on the Commission's return to Oxford: see letter 180 R.

    Day replied on 14 October that he would assist Harrod in providing opportunities to visit important research organizations in the social sciences in the New York area (in RF 1.1, Series 401R, Box 61, Folder 805).

    1. a. From the Niagara United Hotel, Niagara Falls, N. Y., three pages ALS, in RF 1.1, Series 401R, Box 61, Folder 805.

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