173R. A. W. Stonier to Harrod, 9 February 1930 [a]

Stonier thanks Harrod for two letters (not found) explaining some points on marginal utility of money. [1]

  1. 1. Another letter from Stonier, dated 23 February 1930, is filed in HPBL Add. 71190/110-12. Stonier thanked Harrod for another letter (also not found), and further explained some points concerning an unidentified paper of his, in which he "departed from orthodoxy". He also digressed on the relationship between parts and whole--with reference to the English Hegelians, and to physics. The paper seems to have been submitted to Harrod as Stonier's tutor or lecturer: Stonier, in fact, was awarded a senior research scholarship at Christ Church in January 1929.
    1. a. From <+>, Heidelberg, ALS, three pages, in HPBL Add. 71190/101-2.

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