162R. H. J. White to Harrod, 7 May 1929 [a]

Replies to a letter not found. White, the dean of Christ Church, being a strong Tory, cannot give his support to Harrod's nomination for the Council; [1] however, if a Liberal should return, he would welcome Harrod. [2]

  1. 1. The Hebdomadal Council was the supreme executive body in the University, responsible for University policy and the administration of its finances and property. Created in 1854, it was replaced in 2000 by a new body, called simply Council.

    2. The election to the Hebdomadal Council was called on 6 May 1929 by F. W. Pember, the Vice-Chancellor. Candidates had to be nominated in writing by two members of Congregation by 28 May and by six members by 4 June. Harrod does not seem to have had difficulties in finding members of Congregation willing to nominate him, as by 23 May he was nominated by 24 people (including Lindsay, Bowra, Dundas, Feiling, Masterman, A. H. Smith and Price: see Oxford University Gazette, 23 May 1929, p. 571). The election took place on 13 June. Harrod was elected with 121 votes to hold office until the first day of Michaelmas Term 1935 (see for instance Oxford University Gazette, 23 May 1929, pp. 571-72), when he failed to be re-elected (see note 1 to letter 449 R).

    1. a. From the Deanery, Christ Church # , two pages ALS, in HPBL Add. 71763/165.

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