160R. D. Garnett to Harrod, 26 April 1929 [a]

Garnett communicates that Harrod was elected as a desirable member of the Cranium Club, "a society the members of which dine together on the first Thursday of every month". Members included Bertrand Russell, Lytton and Oliver Strachey, Duncan Grant, E. Sackville-West, Leonard Woolf. [1]

  1. 1. The Cranium Club was founded early in 1925 by Stephen Tomlin, Francis Birrell, Alec Penrose, David Garnett, Duncan Grant, Ralph Wright, Raymond Mortimer, Arthur Waley and Leo Myers. Its "object is conversation, and the exchange of ideas, the method of bringing it about is a monthly dinner" (Penrose--the Club's Treasurer--to W. J. H. Sprott, 28 January 1925, in Sprott Papers, King's College, Cambridge, SPROTT/82). Harrod later recollected to have been a regular diner at the Club, and that this was his principal contact with the Bloomsbury group (reminiscence printed in M.-J. Lancaster, Brian Howard. Portrait of a Failure, 1968, p. 214).
    1. a. From 16 Great James Street, W. C. 1, one page TLS, in HPBL Add. 72763/164.

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