150. Harrod to D. H. Macgregor , 7 July 1928 [a]

[Forwarded to Keynes 1 ]

Mullion Cove Hotel, S. Cornwall

7 July 1928

Dear Macgregor

I wonder if you have a few free pages left in EJ? The enclosed [2] looks at the outset as if it was going over Pigou's old ground. [3] But it does not do so in fact and the main part of it makes, I hope, an original point, which might be of interest in these days when so much that is vague is being said about rationalization. I am sorry to worry you with business when you are on the eve, I hope, of a thorough good rest and refreshing vacation.

Yours sincerely

R. F. Harrod

  1. 1. Macgregor's note acknowledging receipt of the paper was not found. Keynes's reply is reproduced as letter 151 .

    2. Harrod, "Notes on Monopoly and Quasi-Competition", here reproduced as essay 6 .

    3. Reference is to Pigou, "An Analysis of Supply" (1928). See "Notes on Monopoly and Quasi-Competition", essay 6 , [jump to page] , and letter 149 .

    1. a. ALS, one page, in JMK EJ/1/3/84.

1. Read & forwarded. Ack. d . D. H. M. [1] [Macgregor's note at the top of the page].

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