142R. D. H. Robertson to Harrod, 19 November 1927 [a]




The exchange continues at 144 R. Robertson takes arrangements for a weekend in Oxford. He announces that "Miss Tappan [1] has come to my aid against you,--fairly powerfully in some points, I think, less powerfully in others. To appear in the next Economica." [2]

  1. 1. Marjorie Tappan (1895-1977; married H. A. Hollond in 1929) was educated at Bryn Mawr College and Columbia University. After two years of research at the Galton Laboratory, University College, London (1920-22), she moved to Girton College, Cambridge, where she was fellow and life fellow (1924-77), director of studies and lecturer in economics (1926-63), vice-mistress (1940-41) and bursar (1946-63). She was also lecturer in economics at the University from 1926 to 1963 and at Newnham College from 1923 to 1933 (Girton College Register).

    2. M. Tappan, "Mr. Robertson's views on Banking Policy: A Reply to Mr. Harrod", Economica 8 (OS), March 1928, pp. 95-109; Harrod's article referred to is "Mr. Robertson's Views on Banking Policy" ( 1927:8 ). Robertson's own comments on a draft of Tappan's article, descriptively titled "Mr. Robertson's views on Miss Tappan's views on Mr. Harrod's views on Mr. Robertson's views on banking policy", are preserved in DHR C3/1 1-6 .

    1. a. From Trinity College, Cambridge # , two pages ALS, with envelope addressed to Christ Church, in KHLM 210.

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