141R. J. Viner to Harrod, 21 October 1927 [a]

Viner announces that he is going to Oxford on the 29th, where he will stay with the Macgregors for two or three days, and adds: "I have just returned from Cambridge, where I heard much of you, all extremely favorable. I am more anxious than ever to have some good talk with you. I hear you are writing a book on International Trade Theory. [1] Have you seen Taussig's new book? [2] For various reasons I cannot review Taussig's book, but I will groom myself for a full-dress review of yours when it makes its debut." [3]

  1. 1. Refers to International Economics (Harrod 1933:10 ). The book was commissioned by Keynes in January 1927 (letter 131 ), but Harrod actually began writing it much later: see note 1 to letter 135 .

    2. F. W. Taussig, Free Trade, the Tariff and Reciprocity, New York: Macmillan, 1927.

    3. Harrod does not seem to have reviewed Taussig's book.

    1. a. From 61 Gower Street, W.C.1., ALS, one page, in HPBL Add. 71190/39.

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