137R. Hilda Runciman to Harrod, 27 February 1927 [a]

Hilda Runciman would like to have a chance of putting up the case for the Liberal Council to Harrod. [1]

  1. 1. The Liberal Council was an agency formed early in 1927 by Liberals of the Asquithian minority who did not accept Lloyd George's leadership. Its purpose was to provide a body of "true" liberalism for people who would otherwise have left the party. The committee included most of the leading Asquithian, with Lord Grey as its president and Violet Bonham Carter (Asquith's daughter) as one of its vice-presidents. The only relevant absentee was John Simon: on 19 January he explained to Harrod that his aversion to join the "separate tabernacle" was so great that he had so far avoided doing so (in HPBL Add 71190/2-3). See, for instance, J. Campbell, Lloyd George. The Goat in the Wilderness, 1922 1931, Aldershot: Gregg, 1977, pp. 158-61, B. Bliss, "Lloyd George Fund", New Outlook, November 1966, pp. 34-37, and R. Douglas, The History of the Liberal Party 1895-1970, London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1971, p. 198.
    1. a. ALS, three pages, from 8, Barton Street, Westminster # , in HPBL Add 71190/15-16.

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