134. Harrod to J. M. Keynes , 3 February 1927 [a]

[Replies to 131 , answered by 135 ]

Christ Church, Oxford #

3 February 1927

Dear Keynes

I should have answered your letter before but have had the influenza. I should be of course very pleased indeed to do a volume in that admirable series. I am not sure that I really know very much about International Economics. Henderson may have been deceived by my attendance at the Institute of International Affairs, which was really due to Lionel Curtis' great genius at getting everyone near him to do something for him. [1]

The crucial point, I think, is how soon you want the volume to be ready. If you could give me an ample margin of time, I should be delighted to do the job. But of course this may not suit you.

I believe that Bourdillon has asked you to address the economic group of the Institute of International Affairs on the topic of International Cartels, on Feb. 17. [2] If this comes off I might discuss the question of the book with you after the meeting?

Yours ever

Roy Harrod

  1. 1. Refers to Harrod's participation as secretary in an Economic Group of the Royal Institute of International Affairs researching into the economic aspects of international cartels, which was invited by Lionel Curtis; Hubert Henderson was a member of the group: see note 1 to letter 89 R. For a similar but more detailed characterization of Lionel Curtis as "the éminence grise behind so much of the public life of his time" see J. A. Salter, Memoirs of a Public Servant, London: Faber and Faber, 1961, pp. 238-39.

    2. F. B. Bourdillon, the secretary of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, had asked Keynes to express his views on general aspects of the subject of international cartels and industrial combination for one in a series of meeting of the Economic Group of the RIIA (copy of this letter was sent to Harrod: HP IV-114). Keynes eventually declined the invitation: see letter 136 R and note 1 to letter 130 R.

    1. a. ALS, two sides on a folded sheet, in JMK CEB/1/8. Photocopy in HP II-200.

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