130R. F. B. Bourdillon to Harrod, 19 January 1927 [a]

Bourdillon proposes that a small research group be formed, working on a definite programme and producing a paper or papers. [1] The subject would focus on "International Cartels" and "Industrial combinations". To open the first four discussions, Bourdillon suggests organizing monthly meeting in the following four to six months, inviting as opener of the discussions Keynes, Sir William Larke (who would talk on the International Steel Agreement), an American speaker, and Hodges or Thomas or Pugh on the Labour point of view. [1]

  1. 1. The scarce participation in the last meeting (see letter 124 R) suggests that interest was fading out. This seems to be Bourdillon first step in an attempt to re-launch the activities of the group. Harrod seems to have agreed on this plan, as Bourdillon proceeded to invite Keynes (a copy of his letter to Keynes of 21 January is filed in HP V-114) and Larke. Larke accepted (Bourdillon to Harrod, 25 January 1927, in HP V-114), Keynes declined (see letter 136 R). The suggested speakers to expound the Labour point of view are Frank Hodges (1887-1947), general secretary of the Miners' Federation (1918-24) and secretary of the International Miners's Federation (1925-27), the railwaymen's leader and Member of Parliament J. H. Thomas, and Arthur Pugh, secretary of the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation.
    1. a. One page TLS, from The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London # , in HP V-114.

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