1R. J. L. Stocks to Harrod, 10 January 1919 [a]   [1]

Stock refers of the difficulties in the re-organization of the society, and invites Harrod to visit him at St. John's College in Oxford bringing with him "any other Socialists you like". [2]

  1. 1. This letter must have been written almost immediately upon Harrod's arrival in Oxford. He is recorded as having matriculated at New College on 21 January 1919 (Oxford University Gazette, 1918-19, p. 232).

    2. A 1919 leaflet of the Oxford University Socialist Society and an undated membership form, not filled in, are preserved in HPBL Add. 72768/48-51. Harrod's interest in the Socialist Society seem to have lasted some time, as on 25 February 1919 Stocks wrote again, reporting on the rules of the society and specifying that they were considering to bring the Labour Party in the pledge (in HPBL Add. 72760/193). Harrod, however, soon became involved in the activities of the Oxford University Liberal Club, of which he was the treasurer: see note 1 to letter 7 R.

    1. a. From St. John's College, Oxford, one page ALS, in HPBL Add. 72760/160.

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