126. I. Fisher to Harrod , 15 December 1926 [a]



[The exchange continues at 132 R]

Yale University, Department of Political Economy #

15 December 1926

Dear Mr. Harrod:

Your name has been given to me as one of the rising generation of economists likely to make real contributions to the subject.

I am writing to you, and a limited number of others interested in economic science, to offer a complimentary copy of what was originally my doctor's thesis of 1892, "Mathematical Investigations in the Theory of Value and Prices", a new edition of which was published last year. [1] A few copies are left.

If you would care to have a copy will you please let me know. The only price of the booklet is that you agree to read it! [2]

Very sincerely yours,

Irving Fisher

Mr. R. F. Harrod, Oxford, England.

  1. 1. Originally published in the Transactions of the Connecticut Academy, 1892, reprinted by Yale University Press in 1925.

    2. Harrod had already reviewed Fisher's book for the September issue of the Journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Harrod 1926:3 ).

    1. a. TLS, one page, with envelope addressed to Christ Church but forwarded to Campden Hill Gardens, in KHLM 154.

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