125R. W. Runciman to Harrod, 2 December 1926 [a]

Runciman invites Harrod to a Liberal Party dinner; an important speech by Grey is scheduled; the aim is to rally "as many as possible of those of us who are anxious to make clear to the public that they are determined to stand out at all costs against the corruption and absorption of the Central Party Machine by Mr. Lloyd George." [1]

  1. 1. Walter Runciman, like Harrod (see note 1 to letter 115 R), was an Asquithian Liberal, and consistently remained opposed to Lloyd George's leadership. Edward Grey (third Baronet and Viscount of Fallodon) was opposed to Asquith in the nomination for the chancellorship of Oxford University (see letter 87 R, in particular note 1 ), but was otherwise implacably hostile to Lloyd George.

    Harrod also discussed the political situation in January 1927 with John Simon, probably with reference to the formation of the Liberal Council (Harrod's part of the correspondence unfortunately was not found; Simon's reply is dated 19 January, in HPBL Add 71190/2-3); the subject was taken up again on 27 February 1927 by Hilda Runciman (letter 137 R; see in particular note 1 ).

    1. a. From 8, Barton Street, Westminster, S.W.1. # , one page TLS, in HPBL Add 71612/73.

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