124R. F. B. Bourdillon to Harrod, 17 November 1926 [a]

Bourdillon sends a list of invitations to a meeting of the Economic Group of the Royal Institute of International Affairs scheduled for 24 November, the expert called to give evidence being Mr. de Rousiers. [1] Bourdillon points out that only a few of those invited at first had accepted.

  1. 1. This seems to have been the fifth meeting with an expert on cartels, organized by Harrod as secretary of the Economic Group of the Royal (formerly British) Institute of International Affairs (context is given in note 1 to letter 92 R and note 1 to letter 108 R).

The evidence of "four authoritative experts on cartels" is summarized in a memorandum dated 17 November 1926, drafted by Harrod (TD with autograph corrections, eight pages; a preliminary AD draft survives, thirteen pages, both in HP V-114.The notes Harrod took during the meetings mentioned in the memorandum are also preserved in the same folder).

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