120R. W. A. Appleton to Harrod, 23 October 1926 [a]

Appleton thanks Harrod for having accepted to associate in the General Federation of Trade Unions research on the causes of and possible remedies to unemployment, [1] and he is glad that Harrod knows Mynors of Cambridge with whom he is to collaborate. Appleton was informed of Harrod's decision by the Warden of Wadham (J. Wells) and by Macgregor. The exchange continues at 133 R.

  1. 1. Harrod took part in the earlier stage of the research by drafting three memoranda on falling prices (here as essay 4 ), the trade cycle (essay 5 ) and fluctuations in external exchanges as alleged causes of unemployment, and collaborated in analysing the replies to a questionnaire on the causes and cures to unemployment, eventually giving rise to a fourth memorandum (for further details see note 1 to essay 4 ). However, he was "prevented by pressure of University work from continuing attendance at [the] discussions" (W. A. Appleton, Unemployment. Its Cause and Cure, 1928, p. vi).
    1. a. From The General Federation of Trade Unions, London # , one page TLS, in HP V-109/1.

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