115R. J. B. Herbert to Harrod, 4 June 1926 [a]

Herbert suggests that the Asquithian current of the Committee of the Club (namely Harrod, Beechman, Herbert and Gilbert Murray) should try to win the Club's majority and contrast the Georgites. [1] Possibly continues at 932 R.

  1. 1. The division in the Oxford University Liberal Club reflects the nationwide division in the Liberal Party. While on 3 May 1926 the Liberal shadow cabinet apparently unanimously condemned the general strike (Lloyd George and Asquith were both present), in his speeches in the House of Commons David Lloyd George condemned the government more than the strikers, and on 9 May he expressly dissented from the line taken by Asquith.

    Harrod later recalled that "I was a friend of the Asquith family; I was an ardent Liberal and, in particular, had been for some years what was called an Asquithian Liberal as distinct from a Lloyd George Liberal" (The Prof., 1959, p. 121). A. D. Lindsay, however, wrote in June 1926 to the Manchester Guardian that he would consider Harrod a Lloyd George Liberal (MAG A/H29/6. The Manchester Guardian was considering whether to ask Harrod to take up a post, which they eventually did: see letter 116 R).

    1. a. 2 pages ALS, from 5, Paper Buildings, Temple, E. C. 4. # , in HPBL Add 71611/91.

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