600Z. Craven-Ellis to Harrod, 1 August, 1939 [a]

Follows on from 589 Z, continues at 603 Z. Craven Ellis sends [b] notes he wrote with Morgan-Webb on Harrod's comments on the drafted Report of the Monetary Parliamentary Committee. [1]

  1. a. From 21 Portland Place, London # , TL, signed in his absence, 1 page, in HP VI-132-161/20.

    b. 9 pages, TDI, undated, in the same file

  1. 1. The Report was not finalised. On 1 December, 1939, Craven-Ellis wrote to Harrod that in view of the war it was decided to drop part 2. However, Craven-Ellis would have liked to see Harrod's notes if they had been drafted, while otherwise Harrod should not have bothered with them. He explained that the activities of the Commission, however, continued (in HP VI-132-161/25).

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