579Z. Strakosch to Harrod, 18 May, 1939 [a]

Followson from 905 R. Strakosch thanks for a letter not found of 17 May, in which Harrod wrote that he was appealed by the proposal to take part to the International Chamber of Commerce conference, although it partly overlapped with a Belfast Meeting. [1] Strakosh sends some documents which the Transvaal Chamber of Mines has circulated among its members, the proceedings of the british National Committee of the Chambers of Commerce, and a copy of the correspondence between Senator R. F. Wagner and Mr. Morgethau.

  1. a. From Princes House, 95, Gresham Street, London # , TLS, 3pages, addressed to Christ Church, in HP VII/G-2/10. The attachments mentioned in the text are respectively in HP VII/G-2/5-8, HP VII/G-2/2 and HP VII/G-2/3-4.
  1. 1. Harrod accepted an invitation by H. O. Meredith of The Queen's University of Belfast, in October 1938; from the extant correspondence, however, it is not clear to what position Harrod was appointed (Meredith to Harrod, [10]October 1938, in HPBL 72764/132). Harrod eventually renounced to go to Copenhagen: see 580 Z.

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