572Z. M. Seely to Harrod, 26 April, 1939 [a]

Follows on from 568 Z, continues at 577 Z. Seely, the private Secretary to Craven-Ellis, sends a copy of the Question, put on 25 April, on how the Government intends to secure the co-operation of the banking system for stimulating employment (see 566 Z), and the Reply --which he thought to be inadequate. He announces that Craven-Ellis gave notice to raise the matter on the adjournment. [1]

  1. a. From 21 Portland Place, London # , TLS, 1 page, enclosing a Question with Reply on 1 page, in HP VI-132-161/12.
  1. 1. See Official Reports, Fifth Series. Parliamentary Debates. Commons, vol. 346, pp. 961.

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