565Z. Kittredge to Harrod, 4 April, 1939 [a]

Kittrgedge informs Harrod that the National Institute in London is prepared to provide half of the sum necessary to support the OERG research for the following year (see 881 ).

  1. a. From the Rockefeller Foundation, New York # , 2 pages TLS, addressed to Christ Church, in OUA, SSRC file UR6/MS/3/2; CcTL in RF 1.1, Series 401S, Box 75, Folder 985.
  1. 1. This was later supplemented by a further grant of £850 over the period 1 July 1939 - 31 December 1940 (Rockefeller Foundation, Resolution RF 39060), part of which was provided by the National Institute in London (Kittredge to Harrod, 4 April 1939)

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