535Z. L. J. Cadbury to Harrod, 23 January, 1939 [a]

Cadbury hopes to convince his colleagues to disclose some figures on business turnover which Harrod had asked some time before. [1] In the meantime, he sends a pamphlet which they have printed privately on recent conditions in France in connection with the Blum legislation. [2]

  1. a. From Cadbury Brothers Ltd., Bournville # , 1 page TLS, addressed to the Institute of Statistics, Oxford, in HCN 5.2.4.
  1. 1. Refers to the Oxford Economists' Research Group Questionnaire 10.

    2. "The French 40-Hour week". The pamphlet was not found among Harrod's papers. The title is cited in a letter to Cadbury written by Andrews acknowledging receipt, in HCN 5.2.5.

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