533Z. Dallas to Harrod, 19 January, 1939 [a]

George Dallas, the chairman of the National Executive of the Labour Party, thanks Harrod for a telegram of 19 January. He points out that Harrod's version of the events of a meeting held on 14 January contradicts Lindsay's version in the Herald. [1] A common report should be agreed.

  1. a. From Strathclyde, Gt. Doddington, Wellingborough # , 1 page ALS, in HP VI-513.
  1. 1. " New Popular Front Discosure", The Daily Herald, 18 January 1939, p. 1. The episode concerns one of the meetings, organized by Harrod and Lindsay, of progressive forces in the constituencies neighbouring Oxford; for further details see note 1 to essay 21 .

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