507Z. Liepmann to Harrod, 2 November, 1938 [a]

Follows on from 475 Z. Liepmann thanks for Harrod's letter, in which he summarised the terms of agreement for the offer to the RES in view of the forthcoming RES Council meeting (see 862 ). [1]

  1. a. From Oxford, 1 page ALS, in JMK RES/1/2/137.
  1. 1. The RES Council eventually resolved to assist the sale of the book among members at 1/3 off, but in the view of the considerable imminent forthcoming expenses (the jubilee celebration and the publication of Ricardo's Collected Works) it was decided not to grant the proposed contribution (Keynes to Liepmann, 11 November, 1938, Cc in JMK RES/1/2/138-139).

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