101R. John Simon to Harrod, 2 February 1926 [a]

Simon thanks Harrod for a statement of account regarding their common "effort to secure that the most distinguished living Oxonian should be Chancellor of the University." [1] However, he is afraid that "the Chancellorship must be defined as a `non-Party post which, by custom, is held by the most respectable Conservative available'." He hopes that in the future there would be further occasion of collaboration.

  1. 1. Harrod was a member of the committee supporting the nomination of Asquith for the election to the chancellorship: see note 1 to letter 87 R, and letter 88 R. On 16 January, Harrod sent to Simon a summing up of the expenses for the campaign, attaching a list of contributors (Harrod contributed with £5, Simon with £30, Lindemann with £38 13s) (in Simon 60, fol. 7 and 8; the letter was acknowledged by Simon's secretary on the same day, Simon 60, fol. 9). Another letter on the payment for the campaign was sent by Basil Herbert to Harrod on 14 October 1925 (in HPBL Add 71611/89-90).
    1. a. TLS, one page, from 59 Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3. # , in HPBL Add 71617/34. Cc in Simon 50, fol 12.

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