469Z. Harrod to Isahia Berlin, 24 May, 1938 [a]

Harrod inquires whether Berlin has the minutes of the Philosophical Society. Harrod has in mind a meeting which occurred between 1923 and 1931 inclusive, at which Lindemann, Ramsey and Ewing were present, at which Paton read a paper on "Duty or Duties", and would like to know the date on which this happened. [1]

  1. a. From 6 Beaumont Street, Oxford # , 1 page ALS, in IBP.
  1. 1. Mr. Paton read a paper on "Duty or Duties" at the 174th meeting of the Society held at the Queen's College on 15 February 1925; Lindemann and Ewing are recorded as having attended, while there is no reference to Ramsey, as visitors were not normally named (OPS, MS. Top. Oxon. e.369/1).

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