97R. Harrod to E. C. Sackville-West, 4 December 1925 [a]

Harrod reports to Sackville-West that internal faction within the Railway Club spoilt the Club's dinner, which "in the last two years has always been for [him] the event of term". [1]

  1. 1. Harrod later described the Club's meetings as follows: "We put on our dinner jackets and had a dining car reserved on the train from Oxford to Leicester. We dined on the journey out; at Leicester we caught a return train and there followed speeches. Harold [Acton] dominated the scene. The motion of the train seemed to inspire him to embroider his utterances even more richly than usual" (reminiscence printed in M.-J. Lancaster, Brian Howard. Portrait of a Failure, 1968, p. 214). In commenting in 1973 (circa) on a 1926 picture taken at a meeting of the Club, Harrod later described as follows some of the members of the club: Henry Yorke (novelist under the name of Henry Green), Henry Weymouth (later Lord Bath), David Plunkett-Green (who died young), Henry Stavordale (later Lord Ilchester), Brian Howard (writer), Michael Rosse (L. M. H. Parsons, vice-chancellor of Trinity College Dublin, chairman of the Commission of Provincial Museums and Galleries, and tireless worker in similar causes), John Sutro (wit, founder of the Club), Hugh Lygon (who died young), Harold Acton (writer, author of histories of Bourbons and Medicis), Bryan Guinness (later Lord Moyne, poet and novelist), Patrick Balfour (later Lord Kinross; voluminous author, including Life of Ataturk), Mark Ogilvie Grant (who has lived many years in Athens), Johnnie Drury-Lowe (of Christ Church), Evelyn Waugh, Robert Byron and Richard Pares (historian) (HPBL Add. 72768/152). Most of these people belonged to the Oxford group of aesthetes (on which see note 3 to letter 80 R). Harrod described another meeting of the club in his letter 82 R to Douglas Woodruff of 28 November 1924.
    1. a. From Christ Church, Oxford # , ALS, two pages, in SWP 68905/34.

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