419Z. Harrod and R. S. Sayers to Margoliuth, 19 June 1937 [a]

The authors will examine on 23 June 1937 Richard Goodwin's thesis on the analysis of stock and flow of money in England and Whales since 1925. [1]

  1. a. From Christ Church, Oxford # , LS, in Harrod's hand, 1 page, in Social Studies Reports, 1935-37, in OUA FA4/18/2/2 page 181.
  1. 1. In their positive Report (written in Harrod's hand), by which Goodwin was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Letters, Harrod and Sayers commented:
    • Mr. Goodwin has an exhaustive analysis of the stock and flow of money, based on published statistics. He has succeeded in eliciting certain facts, not hitherto known, which should be of interest to monetary theorists. His own comments on the results of his statistical work are cautious, but show that he is alive to the problems to which they are of relevance. We feel that he would not have succeeded in covering nearly so much ground in the course of one year, had it not been that the Institute of Statistics is now available for the assistance of students. We think that he has made excellent use of the Institute and of the time at his disposal. (Social Studies Reports, 1935-37, in OUA FA4/18/2/2 page 194).

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