400Z. Faber to Harrod, 21 January, 1937 [a]

Having seen Harrod's article in The Spectator, [1] Faber returns to the charge (see 389 Z), asks whether Harrod has decided for or against a book, and formulates a concrete offer regarding a book aimed at the intelligent layman. Faber shares Harrod's alarm, and points out that while newspaper articles have wider impact but are gone the day after, a book often has an effect out of all proportion to its circulation. [2] See also letter 429 Z.

  1. a. From Faber & Faber Publishers, London # , 1 page TLS, in HP IV-C-A/14.
  1. 1. Harrod, "The Population Problem: V. What is to be done?" ( 1937:1 ), here as press item 12 .

    2. For a similar proposal from another quarter see also letter 399 Z.

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