335Z. Frances Harrod to Harrod, [June, 1934] [a]

Ms Harrod enjoyed so much Harrod's article in The New Statesman. [1]

  1. a. From 51 Campden Hill Square # , ALS, 3 pages, with envelope addressed to Christ Church, in HPBL 71184/39-41. Postmarked 7 June 1934, but the letter is probably kept in the wrong envelope: see note 1 .
  1. 1. Presumably the letter, undated, is preserved in the wrong envelope, which is postmarked 7 June 1934: there are no articles by Harrod in the previous issues of the New Statesman, but there is a review in the 9 June issue: "A Vice-Chancellor" (Harrod 1934:6 ).

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