321Z. Keynes to Harrod, 10 January, 1934 [a]

Keynes replies to a letter not found dated 16 December, 1933, inquiring on the arrangements regarding S. D. Pollard's transfer to Cambridge. [1] The exchange continues at 343 .

  1. a. From 46, Gordon Square, Bloomsbury # , 1 page TLS, with autograph corrections, envelope addressed to Christ Church, in HP II-38.
  1. 1. Spencer Drummond Pollard was at Harvard in 1928-32, a Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College in Oxford in 1932-34, and a Research Student at St. John's in Cambridge from October 1934 to March 1935. Harrod, who supervised Pollard's research at Oxford on "British Monetary Policy in Recent Years" (Board of the Faculty of Social Studies Minutes, 1928-1945, in Bodleian Library FA4/18/1/2, p. 47; Social Studies Reports, FA4/18/2/2, p. 7) expressed his opinion on him in letter 375 to Kahn, [jump to page] .

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