90R. Harrod to R. H. Dundas, 12 August 1925 [a]

"At the End of August I read my paper to the British Ass[ociation]. [1] It is rather bosh, was neglected largely because of Asquith. [2] I should have been working at it last term. Wordy nonsense. I hardly know what to do about it". Harrod also complains to Dundas that he knows so little of the subjects he is teaching.

  1. 1. Harrod, "The Trade Cycle & the Theory of Distribution", here as essay 2 ; see in particular note 1 for context.

    2. Refers to the campaign in favor of the nomination of Asquith for the Chancellorship of Oxford University: see note 1 to letter 88 R.

    1. a. From Ben Rhydding Hydro Hotel, Yorks#, two pages ALS, in ChCh MS 580/1.

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